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The Eyes of the Nine

The Eyes of the Nine are a Tzeentch warband for Warhammer Underworlds. Led by the wizard Vortemis, this five man band (with one or two horrors depending on how you want to count them) serve the Lord of Change in their nefarious plot to connect the Realms of Chaos to Shadespire.

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Elite Dangermouse

I’m getting the hang of this, I think. I’ve just cracked 1 million space credits in the virtual space bank through a combination of trading commodities and delivering cargo (my last job was transporting Imperial Slaves to a backwater colony, probably to do some hard labour in the highly profitable mining venture there. Hey, what do I care? They’re pixels not people!) So, in an effort to continue my low level tips for newbies, here we go again:
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Not so Elite (or Dangerous)

In the past week I’ve been racking up some flying hours in my favourite Mal Reynolds simulator: Elite Dangerous.  I’ve moved from Sidewinder to Viper Mk IV (I was a premium beta backer), back to Sidewinder when I realised I couldn’t afford the insurance on the Viper or any upgrades, to Hauler. Here are my top tips (mistakes I am cleverly trying to lampshade) for new pilots.
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